Welcome to First Presbyterian Church of Escanaba, MI.

Corner of First Avenue South and South 9th Street.

A Note from the Clerk

Recently the church celebrated our 150 years of being at First Presbyterian Church of Escanaba, there have been much reflection on our past, and now we envision the dreams of our future. Two ideas keep coming to mind. One is the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, who said, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds”.  His meaning being that for humans to unchangingly hold onto their beliefs and habits based only on what they know today is foolhardy.  We need to continue to keep our minds open, to learn, and to grow.

The second is the concept of constancy. This term is generally used in a positive sense–being firm in mind or purpose; resoluteness. It’s also used as “the state or quality of being unchanging”. In regards to our church, I see both of these facets at work.

First Presbyterian has grown in many ways. Our congregation has stepped up to meet the challenges of the day. We have been enriched through our willingness to embrace the challenges we’ve encountered with Christ-centered love. Some of our blessings include: our beautifully renovated sanctuary, our church cookbook, our capable and dedicated staff, our missions and outreach efforts, our 150 celebrations, newly confirmed members and ever helping hands.

Our church has proven itself capable of change, yet we’ve also held fast to those traditions that define who we are as a church. We continue to hold true to the tenets of our faith, in prayer and worship.  Our calling remains to be a community of faith, of hope, of love, and witness. This we do through the work of the session and deacons, through committees, through music, through Hope at the Inn, through charitable works, through study, through mission trips and missionaries, through fellowship, through cards, calls, e-mails and hugs, and by remaining steadfast with giving and loving hearts.

As we begin our second 150 years at First Presbyterian Church, may our church continue to serve as a link to our past, and a bridge to our future.

Yours in Christ,

Cindy Bender, Clerk of Session

Office hours are 9 a.m. to 12 noon Monday through Friday. Give the church a call or just surprise us with a visit.

Our address is 819 First Avenue South. Our phone number is 786-2932. Check the Location and Contact tab for all our info.

It’s the beautiful historic building with the new addition!

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Hope at the Inn

First Presbyterian Church has partnered with Hope at the Inn (HATI) to provide healthy dinners and warm beds to our area's homeless population.

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